The Department Of Conservative Dentistry And Endodontic

The department of conservative dentistry and endodontic deals with diagnosis and treatment of pulpal and periapical conditions and refractory lesions of endodontic origin by conventional and /or surgical endodontic means, as well as traumatic injuries to the dentition.

The department has two sections divided into undergraduate and postgraduate sections. The undergraduate section is equipped with dental chairs of highest quality. The postgraduate students have separate fully - functional and well equipped chambers in the post-graduate section. The preclinical laboratory is equipped with 50 phantom heads for preclinical training of undergraduate students, a separate perclinical section for the new postgraduate students, and a seminar room.

The department also has its own casting lab for casting of crown & bridge. There are two minor operation theaters in which endodontic surgical procedures are carried out. There is also a x-ray chamber for taking radiographs along with RVG. The department also has a separate chamber with dental chair having a surgical endodontic microscope (CARL ZEISS). There are instruments and materials of latest technology which includes latest generation of apex Iocators, obturating materials and rotary equipments. The department offers quality treatment to patient of all cadres.

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