From Principal's Desk

Thank you for your interest in the Dental Curriculum at SPPGIDMS. In today's world Dental Professionals needs to actively engage in lifelong learning and professional development. Our world renowned Post Graduate and Under Graduate program would allow you to do just that.

The faculty of Dentistry in our institute is unique for dental education and comprises of a truly dedicated and recognized team of teachers, researchers and clinicians. We offer outstanding clinical, learning and research facilities. We generate Graduates and Post Graduates who are keenly sought after and well compensated by employers soon after graduation. Our institute is considered to be the premier centre for both post graduate and under graduate education and training in India.

Students enjoy first class facilities including ultra-modern Laboratories, Comprehensive Digitalized Library Services and assistance provided by Dental Surgery assistants, Dental Technicians, Dental Hygienists and Lab Technicians. Currently about 150 students from all part of Country are engaged in Post Graduate studies and around 500 students are pursuing the Under Graduate course at our institute. Our courses are in great demand, so you are urged to apply well in advance.

The details of Post Graduate and Under Graduate courses are given in this prospectus.

I hope you find the information useful and take advantage of this opportunity to further brighten your education and career.



( Principal)
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