Department Of Paediatrics And Preventive Dentistry

Pedodontics aims at treating the infants through adolescence encompassing nearly all branches of dentistry. It comprises not only the treatment aspect but also prevention, psychological and behaviour management of the child and education and motivation of the parents. The prime aim of this specialty is to create not only a good patient but a good citizen of tomorrow.

About our Department:

  • 5 seats for postgraduation recognized by DCI
  • Efficient, well-experienced and regularfaculty members.
  • Have organized various CDE programmes.
  • Well—equipped and organized Post graduate and undergraduate clinics.
  • Well organized Library, Seminar room, O.T, Computer lab (Equipped with latest devices like R.V.G).
  • Have many National and International paper publications and presentations by faculty members and Post Graduate students.

Our accomplishments in the field of Paediatric Dentistry:

  • Treatment of cysts, tumors, odontomes, Jaw fractures, etc.
  • Dental management of various syndromes such as Hereditary Ectodermal dysplasia, Down's syndrome.
  • Complete denture / Partial Denture given for Cleft lip and Cleft palate cases.
  • Management of various congenital anomalies in oral cavity such as Ankyloglossia (Tongue tie), Natal teeth (tooth at birth), Riga Fede disease, Supernumerary teeth (extra teeth).
  • Treatment of hemophilic, cardiac and thalassemia children.