Department Of Oral Pathology And Oral Microbiology Forensic Odontology

Oral pathology is that branch of dentistry which specialises in giving the final diagnosis of any tumour or suspicious growth seen in the head and neck region by microscopic examination of the tissue. Activities of the department include Grossing of Biopsy Specimens, Decalcification of Hard Tissue, Tissue Processing, Staining, Mounting and Screening of Slides under the Microscope.

Apart from the routine histological procedures, blood investigations such as Bleeding Time, Clotting Time, Blood Glucose Estimation, Hb estimation, TLC, DLC are also routinely done in the laboratory. Recent advanced techniques such as Immunohistochemistry and Special Staining are being performed by the post graduate students as a part oftheir thesis research work. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest devices such as a Semiautomatic Microtome, Automated Tissue Processor and a Pentahead Research Microscope (Olympus BX 51).


Three Post Graduate Seats recognized by the Dental Council of India have been allotted to the Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology since 2007.


The post graduate students of our department have been credited with numerous awards at national level. We won the "Best Paper" award at Khajuraho IAOMP National Conference and the "Best Poster" award at the Indian Dental Association Conference, Varanasi.

Our department successfully hosted the 16"` National Conference of Oral Pathology at Khajuraho in the year 2008 and is now organizing the 8th National Conference of Indian Association of Forensic Odontology, in our college.