Department Of Oral Medicine and Radiology

Oral Medicine is that branch of dental science which deals with the study of oral and maxillofacial diseases, oral manifestations of systemic diseases, their diagnosis by modern scientific diagnostic methods and their medical management. These branch sen/es as a bridge for medical and dental specialties with the object of providing total health of an individual. Oral Radiology is a branch ofdental science which deals with the study of radiation and its application in dental science for Radiographic Techniques, Radio Diagnosis, and Radiation Therapy for Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases.

U.G. teaching and their Achievements:

The UG students won various prizes for the best symposium, best paper and best poster presentation in the IAOIVIR National U. G. Seminar, held in Chennai in 2009.

P.G. teaching and their Achievements:

The PG students have won various prizes in IAOIVIR National Conferences for scientific presentations.

Department Achievements

  • The department is equipped with modern facilities like · digital imaging modalities, intra-oral camera, etc.
  • The department had organized a 2 day CDE programme Lecture Series in Oral Medicine & RadioIogy' for both BDS and MDS students, with eminent guest speakers Dr. N. Gnanasundaram and Dr. Keerthilata M. Pai. The department had organized the National IAOI\/IR PG Seminar in association with UP Dental CoIlege, Lucknow.